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Exchanging vows on Grand Cayman can be as simple or as formal as you want. We have had quite a few weddings at the Castle both on the beach at the water's edge...and a small ceremony on the balcony with that vista behind the couple. A barefoot wedding ceremony with your toes in the sand won't easily be forgotten by you or your guests.

I limit wedding parties to 75 people as that is about the maximum that the house, septic, water and decks can comfortably hold. I am often asked for much larger weddings from the Ritz, Westin & Hyatt looking for a "signature" wedding locale-- but this is a home, not a wedding pavilion. I can't host a 100+ wedding party. We have enough "covered" space for about 6-7 "8-top round" tables.

Photo courtesy of www.davidwolfephotography.com

Since 2003, we have had about two dozen couples tie the knot at the castle. Our first couple actually married during the finishing touches on construction! Since I also own another 4-5 BR home nearby, many times the wedding parties will split up with the groom and his family at Cayman Sands and the bride and her family at Cayman Castle. The two villas are only 10 minutes away from each other. Another option is to put guests up within walking distance of the Castle at Compass Point condos on the Ocean Frontiers property. They have actually had couples get married underwater!

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PHOTOGRAPHER (First Things First)-

I would recommend that after you have booked accommodations, you book your photographer. My primary (recommended) wedding photographer is David Wolfe www.davidwolfephotography.com ). He does most of the professional print work on the island, does all the upper-end villa layouts and EVERY couple I have ever sent his way have been very pleased with his work. One of our brides; after seeing his work, said that if they had to have a catered pizza, they would hire David! A lady who has worked with David and is also very good is Rebecca Davidson (www.rebeccadavidson.com) . Just different styles and personalities-- both do great work.

Figure on  about US$1,950 +/- for three+ hours of services; and includes about (150) 4x6 prints, original negatives and hi-res CD's with every photo. David spends a few hours editing your photos too-- Most photographers keep the negatives so that you order larger prints/canvases from them ($$$)..David doesn't.  You can take the negatives home to have whatever prints you want made up at CVS or at a high-end portraiture gallery. . Same with the CD's. You can burn and share them, and they are in High-Resolution. The tough part isn't deciding on David as the photographer; it is getting on his schedule; so make that reservation quickly. Weddings in Cayman are pretty popular, and when you are the best photographer, you stay busy. I recommend that with my Sat to Sat rental period, you try to have your wedding during the week when all the stores are open and you have had a couple days to allow for all in the party to get to the island (in case of delays); and also the weekends are so busy for the caterers/restaurants...you absolutely get a better product/service on a weekday afternoon/evening. If the wedding is on Tuesday evening, then you still have Thursday and Friday to relax and enjoy the island (Wednesday is recovery day!).

David recommends a sunset wedding, as the light is perfect. That also makes for a charming evening reception by the pool (with the underwater lights on).

CATERERS (Second Thing)-

If you decide to cater the reception at the Castle, you can use either a dedicated catering service or a restaurant. The closest (nicer) restaurants are Portofino's (345-947-2700; Manager Shakur) and the Lighthouse (www.lighthouse.ky; 345-947-2047; manager Giuseppe). The food at either is very good. A wedding caterer who has done a wedding at the castle AND is recommended to me is www.miseenplace.com.ky . I will put together a slideshow of their work when I have the photos.


If you would prefer to have someone in this foreign country organize any or all of the ceremony for you, For the best job I recommend  www.celebrationsltd.com . Jo Anne and her staff can provide everything OR just the basics...whatever you choose. They have been featured on the Travel Channel multiple times and are capable of anything. There are just a few things that are probably better left to an on-island professional to arrange for so that you don't have a break-down in communications from long distance. Celebrations, Ltd. can provide invitations, music, cake, printing, officiating, photographer, catering, etc. Worth a call either way you go.


The coordinators above also do flowers, but Every Bloomin' Thing (www.ebt.com.ky) also can help you directly. In a pinch-- I have a local (Boddentown) fellow who owns East End Gardens & Gifts named Patrick Panton (345-926-4231) & who has a landscaping business, garden design, etc. He doesn't do floral-- but has helped my guests in emergencies.. I think he does a great job...and I use him for my landscape design & maintenance. In a pinch-- you can always gathers flowers yourself too!


Rev. Lambert Mills has done weddings for our guests. lambertmills@candw.ky . His church website is www.caymanislandsbaptistchurch.ky . My most recent bride was very pleased and he was most accommodative with their secular ceremony. David Wolfe also knows others.


Limos are great is you decide to have your reception  in town at the Grand Old House or the Wharf restaurants; but pretty impractical if the service and reception are at the Castle. Elite Limousine Services (949-5963). If the extra guests are staying at www.threef.com they offer a courtesy shuttle...so take advantage of it.


Island Casuals Wholesale (945-0924) can help with "tropical wedding attire"; otherwise, I would contact one of the coordinators above for formalwear. Many men bring down coordinating Tommy Bahama or Island wear they have purchased in the states. There is a new Tommy Bahama retail store at Caymana Bay on the bypass to 7 Mile Beach if you get in a jam!


Ye Olde English Bakery (945-2420). They have an east location now-- so they can have it waiting for you at their shop in east end.


Other than Mainstream (949-4620), listed in the phonebook under musicians; I would contact either David or Celebrations. I know that Michael Lamey's steel drum band is very good-- 929-1178


Spa-To-Go (949-1525 or 916-5285) can come to the Castle and provide nail and beauty services as well as having licensed massage therapists. For just mobile massage, we have Under the Palms (947-8724).

The Cayman Islands Phone book is viewable at :

http://www.caymanislandsyp.com/  This will allow you to surf through the services available on the island and find things I haven't covered below. Any tips you can offer to others will be welcome. I would like to make this page a real help to (betrothed) couples staying at the Castle.